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GV GROUP OF COMPANIES was formed with the intention of bringing together the experience and skills of the various partners in green-related industry, with a strong focus in renewable technology and sustainable energy.

GV GROUP OF COMPANIES was established since 1996. Over the years, we had progressed to become one of the leading providers in the design, installation, maintenance and repair of Solar PV System, Uninterruptible Power Supply, Total Security Solutions, IT Solution and Air Cleaning Systems.

Below are the products bearing our trademarks:

Uninterruptible Power Supply

We are specialized in the field of Power Protection and our goal is to supply you with the right system for your applications. UPS topologies can be confusing, that's why we at GV PowerGuard TM have teams of experts who can help you make the right choice

Total Security Solutions

GV PowerEye TM is your complete source for digital surveillance and IP based video security products. We have the most comprehensive range of digital surveillance equipment and accessories catering to dealers, security professionals, and hobbyists.